Using The EnviroPro in Permanent Crops


Permanent Crops are those where the plants have a life which extends over multiple seasons: they do not need to be re-planted after harvest. As such they offer a number of advantages to irrigators when compared to annual crops:

  • the plants are more tolerant of mistakes and, even though yield may suffer, they will generally not die if an irrigation event is missed
  • as the plants remain in the ground, irrigation infrastructure and monitoring equipment may be left permanently installed
  • irrigators can build up their knowledge of the water use of the plants over multiple seasons
EnviroPro in orchard

The root zone of permanent crops typically extends deeper than it does for annual crops. In applications such as viticulture (wine and table grapes) tree crops (olives, citrus, stone fruit, pomme fruit etc.) end users normally choose either the 80cm or 120cm EnviroPro units. As the probes are fitted with sensor elements at 10cm increments along the probe body, users can track moisture changes right through the soil profile.

EnviroPro in trees





Permanent Crops